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when u at the turn up function and your song comes on

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The Workaholics Guys Find a New Cubicle Mate



the fact that Damon literally said he could not have a conversation with Elena because they were just standing there with clothes on shows what a dehumanizing, manipulative, disrespectful creep he really is.

He can’t stand in front of Elena and look at her as a person, as someone he wants to associate with unless she is naked and pleasing him sexually. With that simple comment he completely pushed her down to the level of a toy, not a human being.


Seriously, though. And the fact that he’s too much of a pussy to even be her friend. Why because you can’t be around her without wanting to bone her?

The messed up thing is that Elena didn’t even break his heart to the level that Stefan’s heart was broken and Stefan still wants her in his life. He was hurt and betrayed and none of it was because he did something wrong. Damon, however, is 100% to blame for his ass being single.

is this surprising though? before she returned his romantic feelings, he’s never valued her as her own person. she was a beautiful girl who resembled his long lasting obsession, only she didn’t treat him like katherine did. elena then became damon’s salvation. from that she shifted to his happiness. in the meantime she became an object that he needed to protect and maintain so she could continue being and so she could continue being those things.

he’s never took the time to understand her so much as he did mock her and disrespect her and her choices, and wasted no time shaming her for the right to make them. 

i get that he doesn’t want to return to just being her friend or on the outside of her romantic advances anymore after finally getting what he’s wanted with her. which was never really about sex so much as it was for her to love him like he loved her and for her to choose him. i get that he wouldn’t want to return to any sort of reality that does not entail those things for him. what i don’t get is why this is so surprising to anyone that he’d react this way. he’s been a grade a douche troop from the very beginning and remained a grade a douche troop throughout all of it. for a show that isn’t very consistent with it’s plots and storylines and characterizations, damon’s grade a douche troop status has been a constant.


I love the lady smiling in the third one hahaha

“I still get the feeling a lot of times that Selena is around, that I can pick up the phone and call her, or that I’m going to be able to see her in a couple of days. That she’s off doing something, taking care of business. But, then I always come back to reality. I can’t even describe how upset I get, because I honestly would have taken the bullet, If I would have been there I don’t think this would have happened. I would have done something. She would still be here, and if she wouldn’t be here, then neither would I.” - Chris Perez

 Orange Is The New Black - Season 2 - Official Trailer [x]

can it be june 6th already?

phoebetonkind said: WHAT IS THIS? WATERUDOIN?


this is a goddamn shame

this is a goddamn shame

i love waking up to the joy of knowing someone copies my every move